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I mean here is the thing about Toby Zachery Ziegler

He knows how the game is played.  He understands how the Beltway works and beyond. He’s a professional political operative who got Jed freaking Bartlet elected, and then he beat the guy in a game of chess. He figured it out in under a day.

Toby is too damn smart.

Toby cares too damn much.

"Let the poets write that he had the tools of greatness, but the voices of his better angels was shouted down by his obsessive need to win."

"You’re my guys. And I’m yours. And there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you" {motherfricking hell}

"You are a good man. You don’t have to act like it."

"Government can be a place where no one gets left behind."

"I think ambition is good. I think overreaching is good. I think government should be optimistic."

"Bad people can’t be recognized on site. There’s no use trying."

"We can sit back and admit with great sensitivity that life isn’t fair… and the less-advantaged are destined to their lot in life… and the problems of those on the other side of the world should stay there… and our leaders are cynical and can never be an instrument of change… but that, my friends, is not worthy of you; it’s not worthy of a President; it’s not worthy of a great nation; it’s not worthy of America."

Toby cares more about the country, about the administration, than anyone else in the building, and I don’t say that lightly. Toby knows how the board is set, and the players in it, and constantly, constantly, constantly pushes for better. A better speech. A better policy. Be. Better.

Be the best possible version of yourself because you are worth it, but also because you are in a position to change everything.


And Toby pays for it. People don’t rise to their potential. People turn away to play the game, instead of destroying it. How many times does Toby run headfirst into a wall fighting for the right thing to do, and get hell for it?

Toby’s a brilliant political operative, but there’s a reason he isn’t in DC in those flashbacks. He hates the system. This system that lowers the bar and treats citizens like children and doesn’t allow for public discourse or ideas or moving forward. He can’t stand working in that system.

That’s why he’s in New Hampshire. That’s why he tied his fortune to this liberal economics professor-governor with no funding and no numbers, because he believes in Jed Bartlet.  That’s why he pushes him to be better, always. He believes in him. He has faith in him.

And that’s why 17 People is so heartbreaking.

AND ALSO (spoilers for WW S7)

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CLINTASHA AU - The woes of a superspy couple.

"You’re mad at me for forgetting your fake birthday?! But that wasn’t even in the file! Nat!"

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Once [gay] people began to say who they were, you found that it was your next-door neighbor or it could be your child, and we found people we admired,” she said. “That understanding still doesn’t exist with race; you still have separation of neighborhoods, where the races are not mixed. It’s the familiarity with people who are gay that still doesn’t exist for race and will remain that way for a long time as long as where we live remains divided.

—Julianne Hing, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Ferguson Highlights ‘Real Racial Problem’ in U.S., Colorlines (Aug. 22, 2014).

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, ladies and gentlemen.

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What was a policeman, if not a civilian with a uniform and a badge? But they tended to use the term [civilian] these days as a way of describing people who were not policemen. It was a dangerous habit: once policemen stopped being civilians, the only other thing they could be was soldiers.

—"Snuff" by Terry Pratchett (via knerdy)


What would Sam Vimes do?

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This post is already really long so I didn’t want to tack stuff onto it. But since I am a Scholar of Rhetoric (is that worse or is “rhetorician” worse) the Hydra montage it represents is particularly fascinating to me, because the Cap 2 creators knew that they had only a very brief snap of time to convey to the audience the entire history of Hydra, its presence in S.H.I.E.L.D., and its connection with the Winter Soldier in a way that would create the desired impression and emotions for the audience. So a lot of thought went into what these images should be, and I think that it’s worth exploring why the finished product is what it is.

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— why Bucky Barnes is so precious to me

"And after a while… worse-off becomes the new normal…"


— why Bucky Barnes is so precious to me

"And after a while… worse-off becomes the new normal…"

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